Why wear shorts even in winter?

In winter, you are used to wearing down jackets, trousers, heavy coats and soft sweaters on a daily basis. However, shorts are forgotten during this period. In fact, you can wear shorts in winter. By following a few techniques and tips, you will know how to wear them and look great.

The model of shorts to choose

The first thing to do is to choose quality shorts. The shorts must be cut to perfection whether they are made of wool or leather. Dark and bright colors are reserved for winter, unlike summer. Black, neutral tones and navy blue should be chosen. Because these colors are both more chic for a cold season and easier to match with chunky tights. Choose the right tights to stay warm. Forget about very short shorts during the winter, as the ideal length is mid-thigh. During the fitting, make sure that the demarcation of the tights on your thighs is not visible. Shorts and denim skirts are also very trendy for winter.

The best way to match shorts

To keep your look chic, you need to match your shorts well. Wear ankle boots, semi-opaque tights, a heavy sweater, a coat and a scarf if you're wearing city clothes. The best way to be seductive during an evening is to wear feathery tights and a beautiful blouse with low-heeled pumps or ankle boots. A small velvet clutch completes the look. It is necessary to take into account one’s morphology in order to dress better. For  a short person, you should opt for a monochrome look, but with bright accessories. Wear a short piece with boots with a 5 cm heel. Wear well-cut high-waisted shorts if you are curvy. Since shorts are made for tall people; wear them with waders and chunky oversized sweaters. Choose shorts that are bigger at the bottom if your legs are not slim. Conversely, if your legs are slim, choose a larger pair.

Mistakes to avoid

There are a few mistakes to avoid when wearing shorts in winter. Avoid choosing a poor-quality fabric and an elastic waistband that shows the belly. Very thin tights should also be avoided. Only teenage girls can wear shorts with socks. Avoid pairing shorts with stilettos. Opt for a trendy and original look by wearing well selected shorts.
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