The ideal body shape for a sweater dress

To be elegant at all times, you need to know how to dress. For those who are curvy, a straight or loose-fitting sweater dress will work wonders. For those with a slim waist, a fitted sweater dress is perfect. A short V-neck or turtleneck dress is best for a petite figure.

For women with curves!

Being beautiful does not only mean having a beautiful face. You also need to know what to wear according to your body type. It is very important to know your shape in order to choose the clothes that will enhance your body. If we choose a sweater dress, let's see which one will be best worn according to the morphology. A straight and fluid dress is perfect for a round woman or with a figure 8, but you should also choose a dress a little wide, and of dark color if you want to hide the forms. You just have to belt it on the hips, and to bare a little the shoulders not to accentuate the curves too much.

For women with a slim waist!

For a slim figure, and that if we assume it perfectly, the tight sweater dress is ideal. It is very elegant,  very sexy and will highlight a beautiful body. A low-cut sweater dress with a V-neck or a round neck gives a glamorous effect. One can also opt for a dress with bare shoulders to bring out the sublime side of thin and graceful shoulders. In fact, this type of shape is suitable for any type of dress. To top it all off, as an accessory, little boots or thigh-high boots will go best with this type of sweater.

For small women!

Before choosing a sweater dress, it is necessary to take quality sweaters so that they do not damage quickly. It is better to bet on a quality woolen fabric such as wool, angora or merino to avoid pilling knits. It's also best to choose a dense knit with a smooth, matte material. If you are short in stature, you should be careful to choose it well so that you don't look so small. It is advisable to wear a short V-neck or turtleneck sweater dress. It goes much better with opaque tights and heels. The important thing is to bring out your femininity and always look beautiful and sexy with a sweater dress.
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