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Why wear shorts even in winter?

In winter, you are used to wearing down jackets, trousers, heavy coats and soft sweaters on a daily basis. However, shorts are forgotten during this period. In fact, you can wear shorts in winter. By following a few techniques and…

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Which sweater to wear with a short skirt?

The beauty of a short skirt is that it can work with many styles, not just one. Wearing a sleeveless sweater is just as good as a perfect or simple t-shirt. It can even be worn as rock, bohemian or…

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Why is purple the star color of winter?

Winter is approaching and you are thinking of renewing your wardrobe to have trendy winter looks. But before you renew your winter wardrobe, you still need to know which pieces are trendy for the upcoming winter. You also need to…

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Which sweater to wear with a long dress?

When the sun returns, putting on a long dress will become your priority. Since the temperatures are not high enough, you will have to keep your sweater on. For fear                 of getting…

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What to wear to look slimmer?

We need to feel good about ourselves, even with a few extra pounds. But we have to be honest. At the end of the day, we all want to look our best. That’s why we recommend a few clothes that…

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The ideal body shape for a sweater dress

To be elegant at all times, you need to know how to dress. For those who are curvy, a straight or loose-fitting sweater dress will work wonders. For those with a slim waist, a fitted sweater dress is perfect. A…

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