Which sweater to wear with a short skirt?

The beauty of a short skirt is that it can work with many styles, not just one. Wearing a sleeveless sweater is just as good as a perfect or simple t-shirt. It can even be worn as rock, bohemian or even sportswear. With loose, comfortable fabrics, pair short skirts with sweaters that can cover more of the body.

Adopt a short skirt according to your figure

If there is a skirt that can highlight almost all morphologies, it is the short skirt. Another advantage is that the short skirt can be adapted to a versatile style. Neither too elegant nor too casual, it can add style in a flash. As a result, a short skirt is the right skirt for you if you have an H-shape, figure 8 or V-shape. It can not only balance out your figure, but also highlight your feminine assets. And don't forget, if you are very thin, a short skirt will add a sense of fullness to your figure. You can get more information at iroparis.com.

With which sweater does a short skirt go?

We don't know which top to choose with a short skirt. It's easier in summer, just wear a simple T-shirt or a tank top. In winter, we ask ourselves more questions, because even if we want to wear a skirt, we don't want to be cold. To have a classic style, you can wear a short skirt with a shirt sweater. It will give you a very chic style. Therefore, your top should be carefully fitted to meet the criteria of the trend. On the contrary, if you prefer a casual and chic style, you can choose a warm XXL sweater and tuck it into your skirt to accentuate your waist. You can also choose any t-shirt from your wardrobe to match with the perfect jacket or denim jacket, not to mention the XXL scarf.

Wear a short skirt with a sweater depending on the season and color

As for the top, it depends largely on the color and the season. In winter, you can wear a cashmere sweater or a turtleneck sweater over a short skirt. But in summer, you should go for short-sleeved sweaters. In order to better draw its size, it must be tucked into the skirt. The short skirt adapts to all styles, it's all a question of models and accessories. Want a rock'n'roll chic look, opt for the short skirt in leather or faux leather which is the heart of the fall-winter 2021-2022 trend. Preferably black or in thick black cotton. Mix it with denim sweaters or black or grey studded sweaters.
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