Why is purple the star color of winter?

Winter is approaching and you are thinking of renewing your wardrobe to have trendy winter looks. But before you renew your winter wardrobe, you still need to know which pieces are trendy for the upcoming winter. You also need to know the trending colors for this winter. It turns out that purple is the star color for this year's fall-winter. So, to be trendy even in winter, a touch of purple or mauve color will bring trendiness and also originality to your total look. Why is purple the star color of winter 2021-2022?

Purple: the star color of winter!

Like every season and like every year, there is always a trendy color for everyone to have a reference point. For this year's autumn-winter, purple is the leading color of the season. Purple is therefore a very trendy color at the moment. You can find it in different shades such as: pastel purple, mauve, lilac, eggplant and also dark purple. Purple is a color that energizes your look or your daily outfit. For very girly styles, some people opt for the color pink. Purple can be worn with different pieces and outfits such as: sweater, floral print midi dress, cardigan and also beanie.

What is the ideal color to match with purple?

Purple can be an imposing color and this level of coloring depends on the shade you choose. If you don't know the basics of color matching, you may have a little trouble matching purple with other colors. What is the ideal color to match with purple? This hue pairs well with classic colors, such as black, grey and white. These basic, neutral colors can be easily matched with purple. But purple can also be worn with other colors, such as brown, caramel, khaki, orange and yellow. Having a total purple look is also acceptable but you have to differentiate the material of each piece.

What to wear with purple?

You can have a winter look with a purple long coat. This is to be worn with a neutral-colored top like white or black. For the bottom of this outfit, you can wear a leather skirt or skinny pants. If you opt for a touch of purple in your outfit, always play on the contrast to harmonize your look.
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