Which sweater to wear with a long dress?

When the sun returns, putting on a long dress will become your priority. Since the temperatures are not high enough, you will have to keep your sweater on. For fear                 of getting cold, you should never leave your dream maxi dress in the closet. Without further ado, you can always slip it on and pair it with a sweater. However, not just any sweater can be worn with a maxi dress. To achieve the perfect mid-season look, you will have to find the perfect match between the sweater and the dress. So, which sweater to wear with a maxi dress?

Wear a short sweater with a long dress!

As the saying goes, "opposites attract". This also applies to your wardrobe. If you like to wear long dresses, you can pair them with short sweaters with no problem. Don't be afraid to make a faux pas because you won't be risking anything. You can choose between a fluid, straight, bohemian or oversized cut. The short sweater can also be worn with a short dress like a skater dress. A short sweater slightly flared and rather oversized will also be more suitable with a trapeze dress.

The oversized sweater!

You can wear the oversized sweater with any dress: ruffled, short, long, tight or bohemian. The only thing to keep in mind is that if you choose to wear a long dress, the oversized sweater should not extend beyond your hips so as not to compress your figure. If you're looking for a cool look, you can choose an oversized sweater or hoodie over a flowing dress. Over a wrap dress, you can add a cozy touch by choosing a knit cardigan.

The long cardigan with a long dress!

The must have of the moment is the cardigan. With its long version, you can wear it with a straight dress and quite close to the body. However, the dress should never be shorter than the sweater. With a long, flowing dress, you can also opt for a cardigan whose length will stop at mid-thigh. To mark the waist, you can belt the cardigan, which will give you a little extra. Tight-fitting cardigans are best suited to nightie dresses. To avoid uncomfortable and unsightly creases, avoid wearing dresses with sleeves and a tight waistcoat. A ribbed wrap or a buttoned knit cardigan will look great on you.
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