What jumpsuit best fits your body shape?

Provided that the jumpsuit is well chosen, it generally fits all women. It is thus necessary to know how to wear it. Sometimes casual, sometimes elegant; it is the chameleon piece that can be worn on different occasions. Discover how to wear a jumpsuit according to your morphology.

If you are small or large

If you're short, the wetsuit is not usually an option for you. It compresses the figure. Forget, in a general way, the trouser suits, it is the combi-shorts which suits you better. The V-neck or strapless top is your best option for a perfect bust and an even more elongated figure. To look your best, choose your combi-shorts with thin straps and small prints. Don't forget to wear a pair of sandals that have high heels. If you are tall, you can afford anything. However, it is the pantsuit that really suits you best. You can also wear it with flat shoes. For a perfect look, don't hesitate to break up the slim look of a jumpsuit by having different prints on the bottom and top, or by choosing the asymmetrical model. If you choose flat shoes, in this case, opt for spartan or open shoes. You can find white trousers here.

If you are thin

You usually have a wide choice of different combinations. If you are also tall, you can wear everything: long jumpsuits or short suits and also in any cut you like. However, the right combination for you is still a combi-short model with short sleeves as well as simple, flounced, frilly or balloon sleeves. You should not, depending on the occasion, hesitate to opt for a combination that is indented in the back, this is very classy and goes well with thin body shapes.

If you are round

You think that a suit is forbidden when you have voluptuous forms? Well, you should be reassured; there are models that emphasize your curves. Probably, the combi-short is a combination that really suits you best. It is necessary that the good model is rather fluid so as not to mark curves; to have small sleeves emphasizing the arms and a V neckline for the bust. If your waist is thin, in this case, bet on the short-suit elasticated at your waist to mark it.
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