3 shoe styles for a modern and elegant look

The modern and elegant look is a real fashion gem. It has been the trend for the past few months, and you can adopt it if you want to. In addition to clothes and accessories, you need the right shoes to complete your look. You can ask for advice from your favorite fashion store, but this solution will take you a long time. The best thing to do is to read this article and follow the advice you find there. Afterwards, you can choose the perfect pair for your look.

Suede shoes for you gentlemen

These are the pairs that are all the rage at the moment. Suede shoes are very chic, but will fit perfectly with your modern and stylish look. There are several models on the market, but if you can't decide which one to choose, go for the suede boots. You can choose between several colors, such as creamy beige, navy blue, black or grey. The choice of colors will depend on your clothing. If you are wearing blue trousers, go for sober colors. But if you are wearing neutral-colored trousers, then you should go for bright colors. Just respect the harmony between your clothing items and you will avoid a fashion faux pas. Visit specialized shops to enjoy a variety of suede models. There are dozens of them, as they are the most popular men's shoes on the market.

Shoes with an original and elegant design

Yes, these models exist. These shoes are the perfect combination of elegance and modernity. The style is inspired from the classic boots, which will delight the fans of these models. The designers have added a youthful touch to the latest models. TheĀ  result is phenomenal because you will have a pair of boots with a design close to the sneaker, but so elegant that it will adapt to a chic, modern and futuristic look. These pairs are very light, so you can wear them in any situation. You can wear them with chino pants or jeans.

Now it's your turn ladies

Women can choose between several models of boots. In summer, they can wear small suede boots, in bright colors, which will match their little dresses or light trousers. In winter, the choice will be even wider, between leather boots and suede boots. But for an elegant winter look, go for sober models with few accessories. This choice will soften your look, so that it fits the winter atmosphere.
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