Men: how to dress for a wedding?

The first thing to do when invited to a wedding is to follow the dress code if there is one. It is also important to know if the wedding is casual or not. You need to know how to dress according to the style, while remaining chic and elegant without attracting attention.

Please respect the dress code, if any!

Being invited to a wedding is a great honor. The first thing to know when you receive the invitation is whether there is a dress code to follow or not. Obviously, it would be embarrassing and a bit rude to refuse. Also, the idea is to show that you are also participating in the ceremony, and that you are with the bride and groom. There is no need to go all out if the taste and style are not very suitable. For a man, just add a little touch with a tie or clutch that matches the theme. A small brooch in the right color is also cute.

Know what to wear if the wedding is casual!

Sometimes you have a hard time choosing your outfit and feel uncomfortable during the ceremony. If the wedding is outdoors, then the style is a bit casual. For a man, we suggest choosing a suit jacket or blazer. Grey, navy or beige is ideal. For the shirt, white or blue is perfect. Normally, the trousers should match the jacket and keep its elegance while staying casual. The shoes should be well maintained; a pair of suede derbies will be perfect.

Be chic and elegant without attracting attention!

The first thing to remember at a wedding is to avoid being flashy and drawing attention. Nevertheless, you should do your best to remain elegant. If the wedding is quite formal, the jacket should be plain. Black should be avoided, so opt for navy, grey or beige. To avoid any kind of embarrassment, the white or blue shirt would be your ally as it is both the most simple and chic. The trousers will always be in the same color as the jacket. To be classy, you must choose black shoes, and of course, they must be well maintained and well-polished. It is necessary to dare a little on the color of the tie or the bow tie to underline the contrast of the outfit.
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