Men’s cap: how to wear it well?

Fashion is constantly changing. Today's trends are not tomorrow's. But even with continuous changes, the men's cap is a timeless item; not only because of its appearance but also because of its necessity.

Seasons and caps

The cap has been around for many years. For a long time it was made of wool. If at the beginning it was only useful as a type of headgear, it has become a fashion accessory worn in any season by men. The material with which it is made must therefore be adapted to each season. Flat caps for men, made of a light material,  are perfect for summer. Besides, light cotton or breathable linen should be chosen.  For the cold season, traditional woolen flat caps are the most suitable. The linings are also important. They should also be breathable for better comfort.

Cap and style

Depending on age and style of dress, there are different ways to wear a cap. For most teenagers, the urban style is the most suitable. Indeed, young people often wear simple street clothes like a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. In this case a street style cap is more appropriated. For young adults, they often have a minimalist style. A nice black cap is often suitable because of its elegance and discretion. For older people, flat caps often go best with their usual vintage style. However, it should be noted that all this is relative since the styles even according to age can vary from one person to another.

Wearing a cap

When it comes to the fabulous headgear, that is the cap, there are no precise rules. It's just a matter of following a few tips for each type of taste and style. Indeed, there are different types of caps for men. For flat caps, they should always be worn the right way round and never upside down. This type of classic cap is made to bring elegance or  a little vintage style. For the modern and urban caps, they are made to protect from the sun so they should also be worn right side up. However, the younger ones often wear it backwards to give themselves a more fun and stylish look. But there is nothing better than wearing your cap properly so that it looks its best.
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