Why are fancy tights so popular?

Indispensable to face the winter, tights are musts in the women's wardrobe. In addition to their practicality, they have really become a trendy and essential accessory. Today, there are several styles, colors and materials. If you want to change the classic and timeless black tights, a pair of fancy tights remains a sure value. Bet on this accessory which has all the assets to seduce.

A variety of choices!

For fashion addicts, fancy tights are a wardrobe staple. More daring, they are beginning to attract all kinds of attention. On the market, you can find them in all styles. Polka dots, graphic patterns, sequins, fishnet, prints, stripes, lace, sock effect... you'll be spoilt for choice. Similarly, the designers offer models in all colors. Plain, two-tone, sober or flashy, they come in a wide range to best suit your outfit, your desires, your degree of audacity and the occasion for which you intend to wear them. If you're looking for an outfit that's easy to put on and match, the darker colors will suit you perfectly. If you're more of a flashy girl, you'll also be happy with the variety that exists.

A great way to spice up different looks!

As an accessory in their own right, fancy tights can easily be paired with different styles of clothing. They can also balance out a look by adding a touch of elegance, originality and whimsy, a contrasting pattern or a colorful reminder. With the variety on the market, everyone can find something that suits their legs and makes a statement. You should also know that a pair of fancy colored tights is an asset that will brighten up your outfit. What's more, it ensures a cheerful and daring look when worn. Some models even allow you to dress up your legs with a note of lightness, delicacy and femininity. Their advantage is that they are capable, in the blink of an eye, of changing an entire look. Indeed, they can be the fashion detail that will make all the difference on a casual outfit, but also bring a touch of character and a wild and authentic side to certain looks.

How to wear them well?

At the height of style, fancy tights are undeniably the accessory that allows you to stand out from the crowd. With these tights, you can go for the total black look. For this, choose a black dress (preferably short). Depending on your style, combine it with pumps, boots or sneakers. Otherwise, pair your tights with skirts, plain sweaters or shorts. For a chic and rather wise look, you can for example think of a rather light model like feathered tights. For a sexier look, on the other hand, choose glamorous garter tights. For a more casual look, one idea is to wear them with a pair of destroy jeans. If you wish, note that it is possible to wear them with a neutral or discreetly patterned top and shorts for a cool and trendy look. To boost a rather basic look, try a glittery model. Don't hesitate to vary and diversify the colors and styles of your tights to allow you to concoct some sartorial madness. However, avoid mixing too many colors and patterns in the same look.
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