How to choose sunglasses according to the shape of your face?

To shine during the summer, sunglasses are the accessory to have. And contrary to popular belief, it's not the colors and tastes that matter when choosing them, but the shape of your face. But then, how to find the ideal pair for sunny days?

Round and oval faces: which sunglasses are suitable?

In order to choose sunglasses for a face with rounded lines, it is recommended to choose slightly round or angular frames. Indeed, as your features do not have an angle, it is better to choose glasses that refine and structure the face. You can opt for an XL or small size in both cases, but frames that are too round are to be banished. An oval face shape is considered to be the most common. It is in fact the best proportioned shape that goes well with most frames. Your real challenge will be to find the right pair to match your look and personality.

Which pair for a triangular face?

The features of an inverted triangle face are quite specific; a rather imposing forehead, a narrowed chin and long eyebrows. In this case, the choice of glasses should take into account the upper part of your face. To do this, it would be preferable to wear frames with thin contours. This is to counterbalance the generally broad forehead. The same goes for colors and designs. The more sober the customizations, the better! On the other hand, avoid shades that are too flashy, frames that are too massive or even butterfly-type pairs. To avoid cluttering up your face, choose sunglasses with  a slightly rounded shape instead of those with overly graphic lines.

Long and square face: which sunglasses should I wear?

If you have a long, thin face with a long nose, the idea is to find the pair that can shorten the features and balance the proportions. In this case, choose wide frames and a fairly low bridge. Round or cat-eye glasses are ideal, but rectangular and oversized frames are to be avoided. If you want to wear a large pair, always choose a thin frame. Do you have a square face? This means that your jaw is pronounced, as is your forehead. To choose sunglasses adapted to this morphology, you have the choice between a geometrical frame (to accentuate the features) or a slightly rounded shape (to soften them). On the other hand, square and wide designs should be given a miss.
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