Why match your handbag to your shoes?

For a while, the standard for combining bags and shoes was very simple and blunt. The shoes must be the same color that brought it, and this was the only way to go together and divine. In addition, it makes shopping easier, because it was always right, but today it is no longer the predominant idea.

The importance of color when combining bags with shoes

The key to combining is to choose the shoes that match the bags that are most identical, and have similar colors as the clothes you are wearing. This similarity should be very basic. For example, black heels with white polka dots can look great with a white bag with black details. A blue bag will look great with shoes in shades of blue, light blue, navy blue or similar. If you are wearing a bag with an animal print, the best choice of shoes would be black or brown. Although keep in mind that sometimes abusing the same color is to be avoided. In other cases, break the look with a bag or shoes of another color, but also give a different touch to your style. In fact, there are color combinations that are developing in fashion and do good.

The Size of the Bag also counts

A big, eye-catching bag should be paired with understated shoes. Some black pumps, for example, cannot be missing in your wardrobe for this type of occasion. The contrast between common sense and good taste is always a safe bet. As in everything, it must have a certain balance. If you have an important weight, because it has ethnic patterns, tassels, beads, cheerful colors, bet on basic shoes of a single color, and vice versa.

The Style of the look determines the choice of bags and shoes.

The style determines your touches. You should match your shoes when you are ready to finish a look. If it's a sporty look, you'll complement it with a shoulder bag or backpack. In some cases, a shopping bag, will also look good. On the other hand, handbags are usually used with more formal and festival looks. So, you have to combine your bag with high-heeled sandals or pumps. Well, alternating styles can be among the key to a good stylish look.
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