What are the tips for buying a winter coat?

Whether winter is coming or you are planning to travel to another country where it will be cold, you'll need a coat that will better suit the winter weather. Selecting a winter coat can be a difficult task. To help you make your choice, here are certain criteria that should be considered. These include the composition of the coat, the shell, the hood, the closure, the collar and the sleeves.

The composition of the winter coat!

Down coats are the most durable and warmest despite their price. Down is the ultimate insulator. In general, it is recommended to use 80% down. However, if the down is wet, it will take time to dry and will not insulate as well. Down may also not be suitable for you if you suffer from allergies. Unlike down, synthetic fibers perform better in a damp environment. In addition to absorbing very little water and trapping air, they dry more quickly. Compared to down jackets, synthetic jackets are more affordable and hypoallergenic. For physical activity, they are perfect and more comfortable due to their light weight. You can also find multi- layer coats on the market. They are composed of two layers. Fleece or natural wool is usually the first layer which is a middle layer. You can wear it in spring or autumn with this layer. The shell, which is the second layer, will protect you from rain, wind and snow.

The shell!

The shell is the outer layer of the coat. It is usually made of polyester or nylon. These materials are affordable, breathable and lightweight. However, they are less resistant to the cold. There are also Teflon laminates that offer excellent protection. When humidity is high, this material is highly recommended. With Gore-Tex, snow and rain will not be able to seep in and perspiration will be more easily evacuated.

The other pieces of the winter coat!

The hood is essential on the coat. To easily remove snow, a removable hood with a fur is ideal. When it comes to closures, coats with buttons can let the cold through, compared to models with zippers. A coat with a high collar will protect you from the elements. Covered in brushed fleece, you can stay warm all the time with a higher level of comfort.
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