How to wear animal print sparingly?

Want to pick the animal print trend? When we talk about leopard, panther, snake or any other animal print fashion, we often hear the term chic, trendy, fashionable, vulgar, ugly or ridiculous. But for a while now, these patterns have been used in a glamorous way. All the brands present them and the fashionistas are not going to miss them. The animal print needs to be dressed with style in order not to be ridiculous. So how to wear animal print sparingly?

How to wear animal prints sparingly?

As many knew, the type of animal print immediately transmitted the image of independence and strength of character. In fact, to stay chic when wearing it, you need to do it sparingly. Small touches of animal print are chic and sexy, no need for the total look to be vulgar and downright unglamorous. If you're new to animal prints, you can try them out by choosing a chic animal print accessory like a bag or a shoe. It is also necessary to endow the beautiful materials such as silk so that the dressed print has the more luxurious feel. Moreover, the animal print should be worn with its natural look.

What to wear the animal print with?

It is important to be careful with what to wear with your animal print. These patterns mix perfectly with solid neutrals like black, white, khaki, brown, nude, beige, taupeĀ  or camel. These neutrals offer a giraffe or leopard print and provide a stylish color combination. For example, you can wear an animal print scarf with a casual black outfit and gold accessories to look extravagant. Alternatively, a small pair of animal print shoes will be perfect for the younger ones. Daring colors such as red or pink can be combined with animal prints as long as they are in a very couture style.

What to avoid with animal print?

Be aware that this print does not go with everything. The first rule is to never associate it with other animal patterns. You should also avoid clothes of this type that are too tight or that reveal too much of the body, such as cleavage. Thus, the animal print can quickly become vulgar. You should also not wear dresses and skirts with animal prints that are too short. This type of print is an important focus, so you don't need to confuse your style by wearing heavy, shiny accessories or lots of jewelry.
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