How to choose a leather jacket?

Leather jackets offer an authentic style of dress to the delight of fashion enthusiasts. Men and women can wear them for a rock and biker look or to add a touch of elegance to their outfit. However, to get the desired effect, it is essential to know how to choose a leather jacket. These few lines will lead you on how to proceed.

Consider your body type

Like any type of clothing, the choice of a leather jacket depends primarily on your morphology. The jacket you choose must enhance your body, so this criterion is very important. For an H morphology, that is to say for people whose shoulders and pelvis are aligned, a straight cut will be the best. But if your shoulders are wider than your pelvis, opt for a slim fit. A biker jacket or a Perfecto will surely suit you. On the contrary, if your pelvis is wider than your shoulders, choose a less fitted jacket. This model gives more width to your shoulders and balances your upper body with your lower body.

Be careful when cutting

Shoulders, sleeves, lengths and armholes should be considered when choosing a leather jacket. Make sure the shoulder seams line up with the points of your shoulders. For the sleeves, make sure that they are fitted and not too tight. Note that they should end at your wrists or at the base of your thumb. Are you thin and small? Go for a short jacket because a long one will compress your silhouette. But if you are rather round, choose a slim-fitting model to highlight your body. If you are tall, long models that reach your waist will be at your disposal.

Choose a versatile color

Fur-lined, colored, studded or printed, a leather jacket is a timeless piece of clothing. But if you're looking for a leather jacket for an all-purpose outfit, opting for versatile colors is your best bet. Brown and black colored models are available for you. They are suitable for any color and type of clothing you want to wear. From denim trousers to skirts or even little dresses, a leather jacket allows you to go for various looks. Pair it with derbies, ankle boots or converse for a casual look. To bring a touch of elegance to your outfit, the combination of leather jacket and pumps will be perfect.
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