How to look rock and glamorous?

The glam rock look remains the most favored of current musical styles. Its rebellious and indomitable touch has given it a front seat in wardrobes of all kinds. Indeed, men and women alike are leaning towards this style that does not hide the elegance and delicacy of everyday styles. Thus, the glam rock trend adapts to different situations, except that some criteria of clothing combination are necessary for a better look.

Glam rock look: style and attitude

Let's not put the cart before the horse and say that "glam rock" is more than metal, black color and outrageous leather. Belonging to the urban fashion of "trash" rock,  it implies a thought, a philosophy and principles of life that are based on a more free and rebellious vision. To be a rock is to be on the move, to be daring and to be always in search of supremacy. For more information, visit IRO PARIS. For a more mellow principle, here is glam rock! It doesn't deviate from the values of authentic style, but sprinkles in a little femininity and even more elegance. Here, we spare the extravagance of studs and metal jewelry, we value ourselves as rebels and respectful. Just pull up your skirts, adjust your jewelry, remove a few studs, add a few touches and you're glam rock.

Be feminine and imposing with the glam rock style

Often the subject of public debate, glam rock is not seen as a look for everyone. However, the expression "the devil is in the details" unravels this misconception. The bottom line is to wear the right clothes and accessories, because all women deserve to be both stylish and rebellious. The most popular glam rock getup starts with a black lace top and a leather mini skirt in the summer. This style is lightly complemented by a leather jacket and studded boots for casual outings. Casual, the woman can adorn herself with a pair of worn, holey or ripped skinny jeans, popularly shrugged with a rock t-shirt.

Men: distinguish your taste through the rock and glamour look

The men who opt for a glam rock style are, most often, those who assume their musical styles. Yet, they choose the muted finery either for reasons of social opinion or belonging influence. Fortunately, there are several glam rock men's clothing styles that are available in addition to studded leather suits. The most popular of these men's looks is achieved, mainly through rock t-shirts and plaid shirts. Men often accentuate them with ripped black jeans, directly reflecting the emblem of rebellion. The most daring wear massive chain necklaces and studded boots, while it is possible to remain discreet with simple high-top sneakers.
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