What Shoes Should I Wear While Pregnant?

After your baby birth you will get an amazing experience, but for 9 to 10 months you might experience some hard times like struggling with the back pain, feeling less confident with the appearance and suffering with swollen ankles. Pregnant women must to wear shoe or other kinds of footwear which is especially designed to keep you safe throughout the pregnancy. Starting in second trimester, the common signs of the pregnancy might create more difficulties. In such kind of situation, using best shoes for pregnancy is really beneficial to you. Simple change in the shoes might provide lots of miracles. It is really beneficial to walk around without pains, worries and much ease walk. Different brands of the shoes are available which might vary from styles, brands and price so you can pick the best one based on your needs.

How to choose the best shoes for pregnancy?

If you are struggling to choose the best shoes for pregnancy then you are advisable to concern about specific things such as

  • Shoe size
  • Pick as per material and style
  • Height
  • Select high friction shoe heels
  • Following sanitation rules
  • Buying at right time

If you are a pregnant woman, then you must pick the appropriate shoe size when it comes to the length and width. Actually, length could be counted from heel to longest toe. You can also add two to three centimeter for sake of comfort. Width is largest part of shoe and it respective to measure from big toe to little toe in adjoining section between instep and toes. Remember one thing; you might not choose large sized shoe because it is not good for your health. It might cause pains in other parts like heels, neck, toes and knee joints. At the same time, you must not pick shoe with the redundant knotted strings because it might cause difficulties while wearing. You can sandals or rubber straps because it might offer more convenience to your travel. If you choose suitable materials of sandals and shoes then it can provide soft, water absorbing and highly elastic feeling. You are always recommended to choose soft material which helps to move around comfortably and smoothly. Most of the people advice that you must not wear high heel shoes when you are pregnant because it might cause pain at your back. The perfect time to buy shoes is in evening or afternoon. The foot size in evening or afternoon might be larger in morning. If you buy in morning then you might feel comfortable but in afternoon or evening, you might feel tight.

Beginner guide to choose shoes for pregnancy

If you wish to choose the best shoes for pregnancy then you must do some research in online that could be really helpful to you. If you choose wrong shoe then you might suffer from back pain problems. The importance of the best shoes in pregnancy might not be undermined. Once your body grows and changes shape than your centre of gravity might change too. It is not only affecting way you walk but also it affects your ankles, feet and back. There are tons of reasons there to choose best shoes in pregnancy which includes

  • Varicose veins
  • Swelling of legs and feet
  • Heel pain
  • Trauma to the ligament or sprain

The slow blood circulation or flow might cause varicose veins in the pregnancy. During this situation, your leg might heavy and painful. Sometimes, women might experience burning or itching on skin. It is always advised to buy the footwear which is having half bigger size than your actual size. Likewise, it is necessary to pick shoes which is having good ankle and arch support. The shoe with the good support might not only offer comfort but also it minimizes join pain and aches. You are recommended to pick for the flat footwear but if you are not wearing flats then you can opt for the low and wide heels. You should not buy footwear with more than 2 inches of the heel or else you might suffer from health issues. If you are pregnant women then you can get good pair of the loafers which is not only trendy and smart but also it provides excellent comfort to the feet.

To know about types of pregnancy footwear

To choose the best shoes for pregnancy, you must know about types of the footwear which includes

  • Work shoes
  • Sports shoes
  • Sandals
  • Casual shoes
  • Flip flops
  • Winter boots

During pregnancy, you must to do basic exercise and walking. It is always good idea to invest in good pair of sneakers or sports shoes. If you are in the place which is having extreme winters then you can buy good pair of the winter boots. Flip flop is the ideal choice to rainy weathers and it has lightweight properties so it provides good grip. You can also get help from your doctor because they can provide perfect guidance and assistance to pick best pair of shoes for your maternity. According to the studies says that, two types of the footwear might be suitable for pregnant women such as sandal or slippers and low heeled shoes. In fact, low heeled shoe is the best choice because it might minimize risk of falling.

Things to know about best shoes for pregnancy

Now a day, most of the online portals are offering the best shoes for pregnancy but choosing the finest one is crucial. Try to pick the shoe which makes your ankle feel most comfortable. It comes in different kinds of the color options so you can pick the finest shoe based on your needs. The best shoe comes with tons of the features like durable, lightweight, firm, and bonding layers. Similarly, it might also support each movement of feet so you can get comfortable walk. While choosing the shoe, you must check whether it is made from high quality material so you might not suffer from swollen feet or back pain.